Japanese Permaculture Garden at Misumi Ecovillage Saihate


This is a wonderful idea for almost any space or situation where excess water might be an issue. Even if it isn’t, with different materials the same design and patterning techniques are wonderful!

Tsuchi Dango


Design by  Sugiyama Tomomi of Ravenart

Permaculture Design & Consultancy


This raised bed construction is an adaptation of the Sheet mulching or also known as Lasagna gardening technique.

The structure is made of  rebar sheets normally used for making concrete slabs, doubled with a wire mesh.

Just like composting, the bed is made of several alternating layers of nitrogen rich material and carbon rich material. However once built, the layers won’t be mixed like when composting, allowing for the increase in temperature from bacterial decomposition to drop and leave place to a slow decomposition.

It is recommended to wait for at least a week before planting seedlings in such a bed, to allow for the strong temperatures to dissipate. The warm bed will be a perfect nursery for the new seedling, especially in early spring.

The mesh structure holding the bed upright, allows for plenty of gas exchange…

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