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Many of us are struggling. Many of us have no money to spend even on used books or gas to get to the library. On the other hand, most of us, at least in the developed world, have internet of some kind.  The resources available to anyone with the curiosity and guts to look for answers will find them.

Learning to self-educate with the ability to evaluate what you expose yourself to is a worthy challenge for any adult.  Any person really.  Children should be given more time for self guided education.  You want them to find a career doing something they love? Let them guide at least half of what they learn and that is what they will do.  To me that fits perfectly with permaculture.  I encourage anyone who reads these words to search and read and question.  Learn the difference between an observable fact and a concept.

Scribd. is a great resource with many books, articles, papers, thesis and  transcripts which can all be read online for free.  There are Android and iPhone apps which make them much more convenient to read.

Permaculture | Scribd.


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