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Cats, dogs, chickens, fish, goats oh my!

The Critters!


Since this is a new blog to record all my notes, ideas and plans for our permaculture home, we’ll start at the top! We love animals of course and we do eat meat and will continue to. A permaculture project wouldn’t be complete without animals. For all they can give to us, in exchange we can give them a full, healthy life. Why would we want to eat any other kind of animal?

We have two cats but recognize that cats are dangerous to many other species. It may be handy that they keep the mice and rats down but they also kill lizards and frogs so a pond will be a challenge to protect. Our cats are inside mostly as well as both over 9. If it becomes necessary, we will get another outdoor mouser but only if we absolutely have to.

All our animals will be raised with a healthy diet from the plants that we grow but we won’t hesitate to buy feed if they need it.

Here are some basic notes an animals that we want to have immediately.

Dogs: two large work dogs, male (fixed), female, litter mates preferable, for security, protection of livestock and property, herding of goats, trained to harness for pulling sled or cart.

Chickens: prefer breed best suited for free range, young birds to be raised to increase flock but mostly eaten, lower number over winter. 20 birds max per flock is recommended.

Perhaps year two or three we will add:

Goats: smaller breed is preferred, small numbers to start to facilitate learning care as well as cheese making etc. And yes we can make butter and yogurt out of goats milk!

Horses: two would be best but only if the barn is complete and ready for them and we can afford decent tack. Since we don’t yet have our location on planet earth figured out (as of 3/19/13) we’ll just put them on the later list. Horses would be wonderful for recreation as well as for work and the manure!