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Louis CK – Live at The Beacon Theater HD – YouTube.

Any fan of Louis CK is bound to recognize this word. If you don’t and worse still, if you don’t know Louis, you should. Above is a link to the video, believies comes up around 6 minute mark. This is for adults, if you can’t handle the real world, with real concepts and language then don’t watch.

So go ahead and watch then come back .. I’ll wait.


At this point I wonder, how many actually watched this and how many “got it”.  Of course that is entirely subjective and judgmental and that is something I try not to be.  Yeah, a believie.  When I first saw this and heard Lewis say these words, I felt like a brick had hit me upside the head.  I’m sure that would make him grin.

I believe it .. but I’m not going to do it.

I have a lot of beliefs and I live by none of them. 

They are just my beliefs, I just like believing them. 

They are my little believies! They make me feel good about who I am!

But if they get in the way of what I want – fuck that – I do what I want!

Rather than take it literally, I think I get it.  That we must inwardly challenge our beliefs if we want to be authentic people.  If we don’t really want to be, if we want to feel the pleasant feelings of our believies then we should and not feel bad about it.  If we want to live in a balance then we should really do it and have the guts to at least acknowledge our believies.

One thing I say I hate is hypocrisy.   Yet if I were really honest with myself, many times I am just feeling a believie but completely unprepared to do anything about it. To have that manifest in how I live my life.   If asked why, I’d probably say “I don’t know”.  But I would .. down deep ..  that’s work .. that’s scary .. perhaps I can’t do it .. perhaps there is nothing to this ..

People like Louis CK and George Carin are great gifts to us.  They help us see the absurdity of us in glaring, up-close, truth of what we do.  As humans and as societies and cultures.  They challenge beliefs with hard observations and challenges that most of us haven’t the guts to.  Yet we must want to at least a little or they wouldn’t be so popular. George Carlin was a legend in his own time and his words will be quoted forever.

I love these moments of synchronicity that appear throughout life, that take us farther on the journey of experience.   These moments add to all the others, making me who I am, making you who you are.

So the question is, how much can we take our believies and make them authentic? How can we make them take form in our lives?  Give us actions to do.  Step by step, choice by choice  …. each moment is ready to be that.

Life is fucking brilliant, I am much in favor of it.